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Myopia is the refractive abnormality, during which a parallel beam of rays enters the eye that is not focused in retina, but in front of it, and as a result the idol of an object is not portrayed clearly on retina.

The myopy can be owed to great prosthopisthio axis of eye (axial myopy), to great refractive force of cornea or lens (refractine myopy) or combination of the above. The myopy tends to increase at the period of growth and it is stabilised after adulthood The heredity plays an important role in its appearance. Usually it is presented at school age, when the individual complains for blurred perception of objects, while he often closes his eyes in order to see the distant objects.

The correction of myopy is achieved by wearing glasses, or contact lenses. The corrective lenses can simply correct functional myopy and do not affect its development. At childhood however, the correction of myopy with suitable glasses has great importance for the growth of optical acidity, for natural binocular sight and collaboration of the movement between the two eyes.