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Ormex™ 1.56


“The solution to intermediate ametropies”

Ormex™ lenses are characterized by their exceptionally light weight combined with a brilliant optical output. They are designed for medium or low ametropies, having both spherical (Myoperal Ormex™) and aspheric geometry (As Hyperal Ormex™) respectively for myopic and hypermetropic corrections.
They are the best solution when looking for approachable lenses with excellent optical output. They are suitable for plastic and metal frames.
Light lenses with a very good optical output. Designed for medium, or low ametropies. Of spheric (Myoperal Ormex™) and aspheric geometry (As Hyperal Ormex™).

  • Individuals with intermediate ametropies
  • To those who seek the best combination for approachable lenses with excellent optical output
  • People who are keen of light and thin lenses
  • Suitable for children

  • Aspheric geometry for hypermetropic corrections. As Hyperal Ormex™ offers very thin results, excellent optical output and reduction of the eye enlargement. Excellent optical correction
  • Spherical geometry for myopic corrections. Myoperal Ormex™ offers thin results in intermediate ametropies
  • Suitable lenses for corrective sun glasses. It is easily colored and is also available in high bases
  • Also suitable for plastic and metal frames

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