About Us

With over 90 years presence in the Greek market, Bairamoglou S.A. is one of the leading companies of optical products in Greece and a leader in the area of spectacle lenses.

The company offers a wide range of eye care products and services including the leading spectacle lenses Essilor, a variety of well-known fashion eyewear brands, contact lenses and specialized optometry instruments.

Bairamoglou S.A. has long term experience, high level of technical expertise and a strong commitment to producing high quality products. It has also established a legacy for being a pioneer as it has introduced several revolutionary products in the Greek market like: the first double vision lenses, the first organic lenses and the first progressive lenses.

Mission & Strategy

Our mission is the development of products of high quality and design that provide great vision and quality of life.

This is achieved by building close collaborations with leading global brands, investing in innovative technologies and production processes, the expansion and empowerment of its partners network but also thanks to the continuous training and development of the company’s human resources.

Quality & Technological Superiority

Bairamoglou S.A. offers an extensive range of ophthalmological products specially designed to address to the different needs of its customers.

As the authorized distributor of Essilor products since 1972, the number one brand of optical lenses in the world, Bairamoglou S.A. continues to invest in new production processes and innovative technologies that are certified by the Essilor Group and are a quality guarantee for its customers.

The company has lunched various innovative products in the Greek market including: the new progressive Varilux X Series®, the advanced photochromic Transitions™ lenses, the Eyezen™ brand that is especially designed for digital screen viewing and the Crizal® coatings that offer superior clarity all day long.

Solid Partnerships

Throughout the years of operation, Bairamoglou S.A. has always supported its most valuable partner, the Greek optician. This dynamic interaction provides valuable information that drives the company’s growth and allows for constant evolution in line with market needs.

The company continues to support its’ partners network, that account for over 1.500 eye care professionals, with top notch products and systematic training on new technological advancements and trends in the field of optics.

Moreover, the company supports its partners network by providing them with all the necessary tools to service over 1 million wearers on an annual basis in the best possible way.